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ok its only rob and ashleigh so i feel no need to impress anyone haha and im drunk so this isnt gonna be a funny witty little intro

Name: Aphrodite
Age: 17 TODAY
Sex: female
Location: sydney australia
Interests (music/film/books etc): tegan and sara, placebo, rufus wainwright, missy higgins, the arcade fire, damien rice, hot hot heat, the new pornographers, rilo kiley, sarah blasko, feist, joanna newsom, the killers, the stills, the be good tanyas, rooney, the delays etc etc. books: anything by jane austen, how postmodern, oscar wilde, alice sebold "the lovely bones", ugh so many i cant think right now. oh and i love the L word and queer as folk
Other cool things about you (don't tell us about your significant other, we don't care): i just turned 17 today, i am obsessive compulsive in that if i tap something, i must do it 16 times altogether, i count everything, i type words in my head, i am addicted to trashy magazines and tv and i admit it, im a crushslut, i love comedy and comedians, i quote comedians and pretend theyre my jokes, i frequently use the words "like" "reference" and my favourite french word is "jusqu'a" for some reason.
How did you become accquainted with PoMo?

Show us how postmodern you are: i just am. i am reading "dead white males" right now haha and studying postmodernism in ext english. how pomo is that?
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