We're So Postmodern We Typed Up All The Things You Said

Then Printed It Off In Wingdings...and Gave It Back To You!!!

We're So Postmodern: For The Random & Spontaneous
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The world is meaningless? Let's not pretend that art can make meaning then, let's just play with nonsense.

This is a community for all things postmodern.
If you don't know what postmodernism, or PoMo is, please don't join until you have become enlightened with the joys of random spontaneity.

Also, do not join if
- You are under the age of 14
- You are closed-minded
- You are an arsehole
- Or, again, you don't actually know what postmodernism is

Heres what to include in your introductory post:
Interests (music/film/books etc):
Other cool things about you (don't tell us about your significant other, we don't care):
How did you become accquainted with PoMo?

Show us how postmodern you are:

Please keep posts relevant to PoMo...obviously, due it's randomness, this basically allows you to post whatever the fuck you like, but we'd prefer it to be interesting/comical/random.

Also, we do have a serious side, so don't be dissuaded from joining just because it we don't look like arty fuckers, trust me, we are. We love all forms of art; books, films, paintings, photography, your own writing, poetry, everything.

Post everything you want, just keep it random, weird, interesting, arty or all of the above.

More than one picture behind a cut, same goes for adult content, or long thesis-like posts...

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